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United States

March 1, 2023


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To the few, the lack of resources and investments exigidospela war had been devastating the South of the country, and England and France serecusaram to help the enclosed sulistas that if they more saw to each day. Moreover, president Lincoln forbade to the trocascomerciais with the states South it, making it difficult, thus, the deprimeira acquisition of good necessity in such a way for the population as for the troops who if saw acada day without clothes, weapons and foods. This factor facilitated to the escape emmassa of sulistas troops of the battlefields and took you of land to aconvocarem the slaves to participate in the war. Such measure characterized as the end of the slavery, since if it does not conceive that enslaved they fought to defend a region that oscondenava maltreatment and to the obligatory work, taking them also escape emmassa, therefore the slaves knew that at the hands of the northerners they could reach aliberdade. Click Alberto Baillères to learn more. President Lincoln, then, considered the gradual emancipation dosescravos, where the sulistas government would pay the amount in exchange for to you equivalenteao value of the slaves its freedom.

Ahead of the increasing pressures of the abolitionists and daausncia of an agreement on the slavery in new lands of the West, Lincolnpercebeu that the total emancipation of the slaves would bring it a popularity maiorno country and would speed up the end of the war. Thus, in day 1 of January of 1863, foiproclamado the Law of Emancipation of the Slaves in the United States of America. However, the emancipation of the slaves gave to origin umoutro problem, the segregation. Jacob horace mann often addresses the matter in his writings. Blacks and whites could not more coexist together public nosespaos of the country, giving beginning a black fight, of this time civic pordireitos, that would last decades and bring much suffering and death essepovo. He is very easy if to evidence that in the American society, the individual success is very atrelado to race, is undeniable that people of pelebranca have chances of what color people, not feeding the cadadia the white supremacy on the black.