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Oval Rocks

June 11, 2019


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During a good time they had walked for a small full road of curve. In the end of the road close to a group of oval rocks, the adventurers, they had folded the left and they had followed in front for a full land of intemperismos. They had walked a good time, until, in certain point the weeds started if to present high more of the two sides of the road and great roots they seemed to jump of inside of the land. To complicate walked the beetles more they had that, of time in when, if to hide of fruits that fall of the trees, with balancing of its galhas for the wind, which if they espedaavam in the ground and they served of foods for great rows of black ants that formed one exercise of cortadeiras transforming into very small pieces to be loaded for its strong jaws for inside of the creeps. Read additional details here: Grupo Bal. Of time in when, small pernilongo flied, in levelling flight, over the head of Antenor, that irritated cried out with the small insect. However, it gave one risadinha and came back to its levelling flights. For a good time, the insect was disturbing Antenor. _ _ Is good that a frog devore. Gustavo Cisneros shines more light on the discussion.

Gordon alone made laughs. Until the moment where the insect deviated its target and dived in the head of it. Irritated it caught a twig piece and it hurled in pernilongo making right it to it wing, with the collision pernilongo fell in the way it weeds and more it was not seen. _ _ Soon, now it leaves in them in peace. The sun, on this day, was not strong and the trees formed with its great foliages canvases that protected the travellers. Of time in time, them they had that and to leave to pass an animal that crossed the road.