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Unbeatable In The Spanish Primera Liga: FC Barcelona

December 22, 2016


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Also in the Champions League unbeatable? The last victory by 3:0 Racing Santander has the victory of the Spanish League FC Barcelona closer. Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles understands that this is vital information. Already after the first 90 seconds, FC Barcelona took over the lead in the game and could extend to the distance of the opponent Real Madrid all 7 points. How about the Champions League? On 15 February, the race to the final at Wembley Stadium in London begins with the eighth-finals with the last 16 teams on May 28. The first quarter-finals will take place on 5 April and the semi-finals are pre-programmed for the April 26. The question this year will be: FC Barcelona and Internazionale? The games are contextually impossible to predict, however you can evaluate already the individual teams. At the moment it could very well be for FC Barcelona, to be able to win through the leaky defense arsenal and Arsenal’s inability to in big games, to see a repeat of last year’s lesson in football by the FC Barcelona.

Tottenham should learn more Verteidigunsstrategien, Chelsea could extensively strengthen in January and Manchester United was able to find with Wayne Rooney at full speed. Can give us a quick look at the most important games coming. Barcelona vs. arsenal, this is an opportunity for arsenal for the reparation of their defeat of in recent years. They are ready to play against Barca and they want a rematch.

Until now, it lacks the arsenal but good players. One might doubt that the player could be fit for the game against Barcelona. Arsenal will probably be beaten more easily than you might think. The Internazionale vs Bayern Munich a repeat of the 2010 Champions League final. Bayern will be better after Ribery’s return and if they still get predator, the team will represent a real challenge. If not, they will have to fight again. It is pretty hard to beat the location of Internazionale. It depends on everything from the advances of inter under their new Manager. Lyon vs Real Madrid 4 years have passed since Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League has survived too long for the pride of the Club. Although Lyon is no longer a strong dominant team in French football, Lyon will have to fight against Real Madrid. It could be an easy game for Real Madrid. Marseille vs Manchester United this game won’t be easy to win, as it expected Manchester United. Already against Chelsea, Marseille showed that they are able to play good football. Is Manchester able to stop players such as Lucho Gonzalez and Loic Remy? A very good boost for Manchester would be a fully functional Wayne Rooney and they will need it too. About the games of FC Copenhagen vs Chelsea if you are not worried, it should be an easy victory for Chelsea. The same applies to Valencia vs Schalke 04. Many expect Valencia’s victory over Schalke. Want to know more about the Champions League? After the next round, we will be a more forecast report of the quarter and semi-finals. And if you are interested, a game live in the To see Camp Nou, you should take a look at the website of holiday apartments in Barcelona for accommodation.