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Prado Museum

December 14, 2016


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A kind of paint can not start if there is with the materials and utensils necessary for that purpose. Canvas, oils, brushes, spatula, easel, turpentine and some rags are basic tools for any painter, to be experienced or not. Paintings not be may require good if they don’t have good materials. One of the big problems that the novice painters have is that they don’t choose the appropriate brush to accomplish work. There is a wide variety of brushes, which are differentiated by their shape (flat and round), material (synthetic and bristle hairs) and size.

Once chosen the appropriate brush has a better chance of making more accurate strokes. The advantages of painting with oils are better realism in colors, the variety is also much greater. You can control the thickness of the paintings as well as allowing fillings and glazes. But best of all is that the material is resistant to weather, not for anything the most famous artworks of the story are oil paintings. Master most of these works are located in the best museums in Europe as the Louvre and Prado Museum to mention some examples. In reality, Europe is like a Museum of site that is worth visiting, especially if you’re a lover of art and paintings. There is obviously always an opposite to everything, and paint with oil has these small disadvantages. Materials are toxic so it is always recommended to have a workshop in the open air or at least that has good ventilation. The other disadvantage is the drying time, it is very slow, it may take months depending on the amount of layers having the box. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages that can be found.