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The Intellectual

November 11, 2022


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When a muscle has too much muscular tone (being able to arrive at the contractura), it becomes hardened and the blood does not circulate of fluid form. It is here where the strechings are very important and, why no, some massage from time to time. 4. Lymphatic circulation: in the same way that the blood vessels, the lymphatic ones also pass through the musculatura. When exercising your muscles, also active this circulation of the lymph, and to your it will have it still more organism easy to deshacerser of toxins and accumulated residues. So the exercise will be indispensable to try, for example, lymphatic problems like the retention of liquids or the cellulitis. 5.

Temperature: aspect very related to the sanguineous circulation, which is increased when the muscle works. Then, this increase of circulation also will bring about an increase of the temperature of the muscle and its environs. The muscles give heat. Sometimes, anomalies as the syndrome of cold feet or cold hands has relation with a weak musculatura and little capilarizacin. For these cases, usually they are improvements with the physical exercise. 6.

Protection: then yes, also they protect to us. More than nothing to our bones. It hurts the shinbone (the tibia) when it give a blow you truth? Logical, to being one of the few zones of the body where we only found bone and skin. In all the zones where there is musculatura, this one serves as protection the bone that is underneath. 7. Neuronal activity: an active muscle also makes work to the brain (simplifying). For every moment in which a muscle is contracted, the nervous system must manage very many information. Your brain not only works when you think, reads, studies, also when beams exercise. They have left a few no? And, spinning in fact fine we could find many, since also assistants are of other organic functions like breathing, to realise a good digestion, to chew more, all related to its primary function: the movement. The conclusion does not have more to be than to understand the importance of a good muscular health, since it can help us in many aspects. And not only that, but to include/understand that the body is a unit, a whole. We tend to separate too much what they are the mind and the body, the intellectual and the physicist, internal it and the external thing, but since we have seen the muscle not only moves; also it makes circulate, it protects, it warms up and it makes work to the nervous system. To be radical in those diviones is an error. Everything is related, each part needs the others and to the others they need her. You do not leave to your physical health drawer in the last. It is equal of important that all the others. And the muscle is the active part of your physicist, so cudalo. It looks for the balance. It listens to your body. Original author and source of the article