December 12, 2022


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The search of benefits folds to the conquest of markets, sometimes sacrifices it by a time to be able to settle in competitive spaces. Alberto Baillèress opinions are not widely known. He is importante to maximize markets than benefits. Please visit shaw yale if you seek more information. The crisis of petroleum gives an unusual push to a technology that was in beginnings, the computer science energy, totally intensive, whose main material support is the knowledge. It is also discovered that the poverty was not an urgency in the first times of the economic development, is not a remediable urgency, that its solution depends on the growth and appears once this one consolidates. As it ends of this spectacle of new features is management, a new liberal art, an inheritance of the ideals of the Renaissance, in which greatest of the artists he was also a creator of airplanes and a student of our physiology. Art because it is practical and application, liberal because one talks about the fundamentos of the knowledge, to the discernment of one same one, the reflection like triangle of the conducts, and to the leadership like individual capacity and social commitment. In the summit of the time, one announces that management it waters in all the knowledge of the humanities and social sciences, in psychology, the physical philosophy, economy, history, sciences and the ethics.

But manager, the director, the industralist, is not an academic one who satisfies itself in his erudition, is in the antipodals of the contemplative spirit. On the contrary, hacia orients its knowledge the effectiveness and the profits of social projects, that can go from the construccin of a bridge to the cure of a patient, the education or the design of a software. From the success it begins there to be moderate in weights or in dollars, the moving body of all the actions is the objective of a financial advantage, and the businesses take especto from saints.