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November 29, 2016


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Also for this seminar are a Include certificate, as well as a USB stick with the seminar content in the price. All seminars of Internet Agency of till.de from Braunschweig be headed by Joachim Schroder, one of the five first directly through Google certified coach of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Mr Schroder, who has been active since 2007 as a Google-trainer, has trained more than 1,300 participants to Google experts, including future Google trainer. The training in small groups perform to ensure maximum learning success. That the seminar concept keeps what it promises, polls regularly conducted among the participants confirm.

Both the competence of the seminar leader Joachim Schroder best notes received as also the practical average of 1.16 or 1,32. dates in September: Google AdWords basic 10.09.2013 Berlin Google Analytics on the 11.09.2013 in Berlin Google advanced seminar at the 12.09.2013 in Berlin Seminar dates in October: Google basic seminar at the 08.10.2013 in Hamburg Google Analytics on the 09.10.2013 in Hamburg Google AdWords Advanced on the 11.10.2013 in Hannover Google AdWords basic on the 17.10.2013 in Leipzig Google Analytics on the 24.10.2013 in Brunswick Google AdWords basic seminar at the 27.10.2013 in Berlin ups to Seminare.html can be made on the website the seminars, there are also more detailed information. Institutions and companies that prefer an individual inhouse-seminar on the topics of Google AdWords and Google Analytics, for further information see the link individual Seminare.html. For people who are interested in a Google education, however, would save the cost of travel and accommodation, TILL.DE offers also Webinars: Google AdWords Webinare.html about TILL.DE founded in 1996 Internet Agency TILL.DE from Braunschweig implemented Web-based marketing solutions, which are characterized by technical sophistication and intuitive ease of use. The focus app programming, online marketing and the creation of Internet pages on the fields. It is the Agency and cross-sector working. Corporations belong to the customer circle like Continental AG, but also medium-sized businesses, such as mail-order companies, engineering offices, travel providers and consulting companies. In addition, the Agency, which is a Google certified AdWords partners, has made a name as a seminar provider for Internet marketing topics in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Reference customers in the seminar area include among others the Swiss Migros Club schools and the Axel Springer Verlag