Colombian Ecosystem Restoration

January 6, 2014


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Historically, Colombian ecosystem restoration projects have not been successful. Due to lack of adequate planning and limited focus, not much has happened. But for the future, there is apparently optimism in the region. Here we look at how and why.

It has taken a while but today, Columbia is subject to a large number of ecosystem restoration projects within a more global trend spread over a number of years. As such, a report was put together by the Center for International Forestry Research which examined over 100 such initiatives in terrestrial ecosystems in Colombia since 1951; most of which, however, began much more recently – in the last 15 years, in early 2000.

According to the Society for Ecological Restoration, ecological restoration is basically “the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed.” When this is implemented, biodiversity conservation is bolstered; while services for the environment are provided along with climate-change mitigation.

In Columbia – and in fact globally – is about so much more than just environmental recovery. The welfare of humanity and development in all areas is also impacted positively.